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V-Train & O-Train

V-Train & O-Train【 Photo: V-Train (Photo courtesy of KORAIL) 】

The Central Inland Region Tourist Train commenced operations on April 12, 2013 and introduced two tourist trains namely the O-Train and the V-Train, which journeys through Korea's inland valleys. The O-Train loops around the central inland region, running through the provinces of Chungcheongbuk-do, Gangwon-do, and Gyeongsangbuk-do. The V-Train, also known as the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range Canyon Train, connecting Buncheon in Gyeongsangbuk-do and Cheoram in Gangwon-do runs through scenic valleys. The newly-launched train routes offer passengers a more convenient and comfortable means of discovering the pastoral beauty of the rural and mountainous central regions.

Central Inland Region Tourist Train (O-Train) LINK

  • Korea Railroad Co., (KORAIL)
  • Korea Railroad Co., (KORAIL)
  • Korea Railroad Co., (KORAIL)
【 Photo: O-Train (Photo courtesy of KORAIL) 】

Central Inland Region Tourist Train: O-Train

The O-Train derives its name from the word "One," as the three provinces (Gangwon-do, Chungcheongbuk-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do) in the country's central inland region are connected by this one circular route. The train was designed with the theme of the four picturesque seasons of Baekdudaegan, Korea's biggest and longest mountain range that stretches from Baekdusan Mountain to Jirisan Mountain. The four-cabin train carries up to 205 people and includes separate seating options for families and couples to accommodate the needs of different passengers. There are also individual observatory seats for people traveling on their own. The train is well-equipped with various convenience facilities including a café, children's play area, toilets, etc.

In addition, every seat has an in-seat power outlet so that passengers can recharge their cell phones or laptops as they ride. Sightseeing monitors installed throughout the train show the view from in front of the train as it runs along the tracks in real time. The O-Train operates once a day (round-trip) daily except Mondays. Passengers are allowed to get on and off the train at all stopping stations.

Train Stops
Seoul → Yeongdeungpo → Suwon → Cheonan → Osong → Cheongju → Chungju → Jecheon – Danyang → Punggi → Yeongju → Bonghwa → Chunyang → Buncheon → Yangwon → Seungbu → Cheoram

Baekdudaegan Mountain Range Canyon Train (V-Train) LINK

V-Train & O-Train【 Photo: Exterior of V-Train (Photo courtesy of KORAIL) 】

The ‘V’ in V-Train stands for "valley," as it travels through the remote mountainous areas of Gangwon-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do. It is also referred to as the "Baby Baekho (white tiger) Train" due to the white tiger motif on the train's exterior as it runs through the Baekdudaegan mountain range.

While traveling through the steep valleys on the V-Train, you will come to discover sites that still preserve scenes from the 70s and 80s of Korea. As such, the train's interior has been decorated with a retro theme, using props like charcoal stove and incandescent lamps that were commonly used in the 1970s. Besides, the V-Train crews also adorned uniforms that were worn back train crews back in those days.

The V-Train makes three trips a day from Buncheon Station to Cheoram Station every day, excluding Mondays, and it has three cabins that can accommodate up to 158 people. The biggest attraction of this train is the picturesque views of cliffs and valleys offered along the ride. Passengers may also enjoy and learn about little anecdotes related to the passing landscapes from the crew members.

Unlike the O-Train, the V-Train is non-stop and makes only a stop for about 5-10 minute at Yangwon Station, the smallest train station in Korea, and Seungbu Station, which has a exceptionally beautiful scenery, so that passengers can have some time to take pictures.

Course (Train stops)
Buncheon → Bidong → Yangwon → Seungbu → Cheoram

  • Tourist Attractions on O-Train Course
  • Tourist Attractions on O-Train Course
【 Photo: Buncheon Station (left) / Cheoram Station (right) 】
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  • Purchasing tickets: Tickets available for purchase on-site.
    • The KR Pass (reservations only available online) or Nadeuri Integrated Pass (available on-site) are recommended as they grant unlimited access to the O-Train & V-Train, as well as other tourist trains including A-Train, S-Train and DMZ-Train for the fixed period of time purchased.
    • Learn more about Railroad Passes
  • Fees (One-way): O-train 27,300-43,400 won / V-train 8,400-11,700 won

O-train: Schedule at Major Stations

O-train: Schedule at Major Stations
Train No. Seoul Station Suwon Station Jecheon Station Yeongju Station Buncheon Station Cheoram Station
4851 08:15 08:49 11:09 12:03 13:20 13:58
O-train: Schedule at Major Stations
Train No. Cheoram Station Buncheon Station Yeongju Station Jecheon Station Suwon Station Seoul Station
4852 16:25 17:08 18:16 19:10 21:24 21:58

* Train also stops at Cheongju Station.

V-train: Schedule at Major Stations

V-train: Schedule at Major Stations
Train No. Yeongju Station Buncheon Station Cheoram Station
4861 08:50 10:20 11:27
V-train: Schedule at Major Stations
Train No. Buncheon Station Cheoram Station
4863 13:50 14:56
4865 17:15 18:15
V-train: Schedule at Major Stations
Train No. Cheoram Station Buncheon Station
4862 12:10 13:15
4864 15:48 16:48
4866 18:33 19:36

O-train: Schedule at Major Stations

  • Train No. 4861
    Seoul Station: 08:15
    Departure Station: Seoul Station
    Jecheon Station: 11:09
    Yeongju Station: 12:03
    Buncheon Station: 13:20
    Cheoram Station: 13:58
  • Train No. 4852
    Cheoram Station: 16:25
    Buncheon Station: 17:08
    Yeongju Station: 18:16
    Jecheon Station: 19:10
    Suwon Station: 21:24
    Seoul Station: 21:58
    * Train also stops at Cheongju Station.

V-train: Schedule at Major Stations

  • Train No. 4861
    Yeongju Station: 08:50
    Buncheon Station: 10:20
    Cheoram Station: 11:27
  • Train No. 4863
    Buncheon Station: 13:50
    Cheoram Station: 14:56
  • Train No. 4865
    Buncheon Station: 17:15
    Cheoram Station: 18:15
  • Train No. 4862
    Cheoram Station: 12:10
    Buncheon Station: 13:15
  • Train No. 4864
    Cheoram Station: 15:48
    Buncheon Station: 16:48
  • Train No. 4866
    Cheoram Station: 18:33
    Buncheon Station: 19:36
  • Train schedule subject to change every month. Please refer to the KORAIL website for the latest information.
  • Trains may not be available on certain days every month due to safety maintenance check.
  • Website: www.letskorail.com (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Inquiries: +82-1544-7788 (Korean), +82-1599-7777 (English)
  • 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

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