High1 Resort

With high-quality snow and outstanding slope courses, High1 Resort has become one of Korea’s leading ski resorts. It offers 18 slopes including a 4.2km beginner slope that begins at the peak of Jijangsan Mountain (1,345m), making it an ideal place to experience the essence of winter leisure sports. The facilities have been designed to ensure safety to everyone, even those with disabilities. The expansive accommodation facility is equipped with a variety of convenience facilities such as a casino and a golf course to add to the enjoyment.


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There are 18 slopes, three eight-person gondolas, and six six-person and four-person lifts. The beginner slopes Zeus and Athena offer expansive views of nature to beginner skiers. Each of the three condos has an equipment rental and ticket office to maximize time efficiency.


General information

    265, High1-gil, Sabuk-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do






    4,992,000㎡ [18 slopes / 9 lifts]


    Day time 8:30~16:00 / Night Time 18:00~22:00

- Public transportation
Incheon Int'l Airport (First-floor platforms 9B, 9D, 4B, 11A, 10C) › Dong Seoul Bus Terminal Gohan-Sabuk Bus Terminal (Take taxi)
High1 Resort (3 hours, 40 minutes)
- Shuttle bus
1. Incheon Int'l Airport, Seoul High1 Resort (3 hours, 30minutes)
*Inquiries: +82-2-335-5889 / www.purpleskibus.com (Purple Ski Bus)
2. Gohan Station High1 Resort (15 minutes)
*Inquiries: +82-1588-7789 (Happycall)
  • - Public transportation

    Incheon Int’l AirportResort
  • - Shuttle bus

    Gohan StationResort

Special features

  • Kangwon Land Casino As the largest casino in Korea, Kangwon Land Casino offers 200 table games and 1,360 slot machines and video games. It is the only casino in Korea that can be accessed by both local and international patrons. It is fully equipped with a magnificent interior, friendly dealers, and detailed customer service.
  • Alpine Coaster Every summer, colorful wildflowers cover the resort, and the Alpine Coaster opens to the public. The ride measures 2.2km in length and features 10 up-down courses, twist courses, and tornado courses at a thrilling speed of 40km per hour.

Other Facilities

  • Lodging

    Hotel(924), Condo(903)

  • Leisure facilities

    Golf club, Casino, Tourist gondola, Train theme park, Alpine Coaster, Tubing, Outdoor swimming pool, Outdoor spa, Amusement park, Trail

  • Other

    Traditional restaurants, Musical stage, Botanical garden, Petting zoo, Convention center, Entertainment facilities, Pet hotel