Jeolla-do, the home of flavor, style, and talentFeaturing mountains, fields, rivers, and oceans, the plentiful land of the Jeolla-do region is Korea's top granary zone where the plains of Jeonnam and Honam stretch out over the river valley flowing into the Yellow Sea. Various regional dishes were created to satisfy the palates of aristocrats who greatly appreciated food and style. Talented women valuing etiquette and tradition have passed down their skills to today's generation. The region has long emphasized harmony among nature, humankind, and art. Its ski slopes blend in beautifully with the natural setting of Deogyusan Mountain, offering breathtaking views of snow-covered yew trees and snow flurrying in the wind.

Gyeongsang-do, a tour through historyGyeongsang-do, which is situated to the south of the Sobaeksan Mountains extending from the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, is becoming a world-class cultural and tourist hub combining the old with the new, boasting a plethora of cultural and natural tourism resources. Great cultures bloomed in the breathtaking natural setting of Gyeongsang-do, where cultural attractions of times past remain well preserved to this day. Jirisan, Deogyusan, Songnisan, Sobaeksan, and other famous mountains form a mountain range. Nicknamed "the Alps of Yeongnam," Gajisan Mountain features a stylish ski field in a beautiful natural setting.


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    The Jeolla-do region can be rapidly and conveniently reached by bus, or train. KTX high-speed trains are also available to the Jeolla-do region.


    Yongsan Station
    • Add : 55, Hangang-daero 23-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
    • Tel : +82-1544-7788
    • Web : www.letskorail.com

    Express bus

    Dong Seoul Bus Terminal
    • Add : 50, Gangbyeonyeok-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul (across from Gangbyeon Stn, Subway Line 2)
    • Tel : +82-1688-5979
    • Web : www.ti21.co.kr
    Central City Terminal
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