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Main Attractions on Line 9

Main Attractions on Line 9
  • Lotte Mall - Gimpo Airport Branch
    Lotte Mall - Gimpo
    Airport Branch

    59AGimpo Int'l Airport Station

  • Gimpo Hyanggyo Confucian School
    Yangcheon Hyanggyo...

    9Yangcheon Hyanggyo Station

  • Seonyudo Park
    Seonyudo Park

    9Seonyudo Station

    26Hapjeong Station

    29Dangsan Station

  • National AssemblyBuilding
    National Assembly Building

    9National Assembly Station

  • Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park
    Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park

    59Yeouido Station

    15Singil Station

    9Saetgang Station

  • IFC(International Finance Center)
    IFC Mall

    59Yeouido Station

  • 63 Square
    63 Square

    9Saetgang Station

    5Yeouinaru Station

  • Noryangjin fishery market
    Fishery Market


  • Banpo Hangang Park
    Banpo Hangang Park

    9Gubanpo Station &
    Sinbanpo Station

    379Express Bus Terminal Station

  • Goto Mall
    Goto Mall

    379Express Bus Terminal Station

  • Seolleung / Jeongn eung (a.k.a. Se...)
    Seolleung / Jeongn
    eung (a.k.a. Se...)

    9Seonjeongneung Station

    2BSeolleung Station

  • Bongeunsa Temple
    Bongeunsa Temple

    9Bongeunsa Station

    2Samseong Station

    7Cheongdam Station

  • COEX, Convention and Exhibition...

    9Bongeunsa Station

    2Samseong Station

  • Seokchonhosu Lake
    Seokchonhosu Lake

    9Seokchon Station

  • Olympic Park
    Olympic Park

    9Olympic Park Station

Seoul Tour by Subway Line 9

Seoul Tour by Subway Line 9 【 Photo: Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain 】

Subway Line 9 connects stations situated along the Hangang River’s southern bank, from Gimpo Airport to major tourist attractions in Seoul. Start off in Yeouido, Korea's financial hub, take a stroll along the Hangang Park nearby, do some souvenir shopping at a mall or traditional market, and find peace at a temple in the heart of the city. In particular, Seonyudo Park, Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park and Banpo Hangang Park have beautifully harmonized nature with the forest of buildings. All three parks, known for their spectacular night views, have gained much popularity among couples and are often used as filming locations. Get on Line 9 to taste the freshest seafood at Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, the most representative marine product market in Seoul or enjoy a shopping spree at some of Korea's best mega shopping malls with a variety of entertainment facilities!


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