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Major Attractions on Line 7

Main Attractions on Line 7
  • Dream Forest

    7Hagye Station

    1Wolgye Station

    4Mia Station

    4Miasageori Station

    6Dolgoji Station

  • Olympic Park
    Children’s Grand Park

    7Children’s Grand Park Station

    5Achasan Station

    57Gunja Station

  • Lotte World
    Common Ground

    27Konkuk Univ. Station

    2Seongsu Station

  • Songpa Naru Park
    Ttukseom Hangang Park

    7Ttukseom Resort Station

  • Garak Market

    7Cheongdam Station
    BApgujeong Rodeo Station

  • Namhansanseong Provincial Park
    Goto Mall (Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center)

    379Express Bus Terminal Station

  • Namhansanseong Provincial Park
    Some Sevit

    379Express Bus Terminal Station

    9Sinbanpo Station

  • Namhansanseong Provincial Park
    Bangbae-dong Café Street

    7Naebang Station

    47Isu Station

  • Namhansanseong Provincial Park
    Gasan Rodeo Street

    17Gasan Digital Complex Station

  • Namhansanseong Provincial Park
    Gwangmyeong Cave

    7Cheolsan Station

    1Gwangmyeong Station

  • Namhansanseong Provincial Park
    Gwangmyeong Traditional Market

    7Gwangmyeong Sageori Station

Seoul Tour by Subway Line 7

Gwangmyeong Cave 【 Photo: Gwangmyeong Cave 】

Seoul Subway Line 7 spans a wide area extending from Dobongsan Mountain through the south and southwestern parts of Seoul to Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do and Incheon. As it covers many different districts in and around Seoul, Line 7 offers a very dynamic trip. Travelers can experience the lively energy of traditional markets and modern shopping streets, as well as the mystical ambience of a well-equipped cave. People are also invited to enjoy exceptional facilities standing in harmony with the Hangang River, or take a stroll through an urban forest. A trip along Line 7 will make you feel as if time is literally flying by.

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