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Major Attractions on Line 6

Main Attractions on Line 6
  • Bukhansan National Park
    Bukhansan National Park

    6Dokbawi Station

  • A new building of MBC Broadcasting headquarters
    Sangam-dong MBC Headquarters

    6GJADigital Media City Station

  • Seoul World Cup Stadium
    Seoul World Cup Stadium

    6GJADigital Media City Station

  • Pyeonghwa Park
    Pyeonghwa Park

    6Mapo-gu Office Station

    6GJADigital Media City Station

  • Nanjicheon Park
    Nanjicheon Park

    6Mapo Station

    6GJADigital Media City Station

  • Haneul Park
    Haneul Park

    6Mapo-gu Office Station

    6GJADigital Media City Station

  • Noeul Park
    Noeul Park

    6Mapo-gu Office Station

    6GJADigital Media City Station

  • Mangwon Hangang Park
    Mangwon Hangang Park

    6Mangwon Station

    26Hapjeong Station

  • Seonyudo Park
    Seonyudo Park

    26Hapjeong Station

    29Dangsan Station

    9Seonyudo Station

  • The War Memorial of Korea
    The War Memorial of Korea

    6Samgakji Station

    4Sinyongsan Station

    6Noksapyeong Station

  • Itaewon Special Tourist Zone
    Itaewon Special Tourist Zone

    6Hangangjin Station & Noksapyeong Station

  • Gyeongnidan-gil Road
    Gyeongnidan-gil Road

    6Noksapyeong Station

  • Namsan Botanical Garden
    Namsan Botanical Garden

    6Itaewon Station & Noksapyeong Station

  • Chungmu Art Center
    Chungmu Art Center

    2Sindang Station

    245Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station

  • Dongmyo Flea Market
    Dongmyo Flea Market

    1Dongmyo Station

    14Dongdaemun Station

    6Sindang Station

Seoul Tour by Subway Line 6

Seoul Tour by Subway Line 6 【 Photo: Sunset at Haneul Park 】

Seoul Subway Line 6 allows travelers to explore every corner of Seoul, including the past, present, and future in places like the state-of-the-art digital media entertainment cluster and traditional markets. You can go for a leisurely walk in one of the many parks located near subway stations or stroll around Mangwon Hangang Parkalong the Hangang River. Other recommended destinations include the streets of Itaewon, densely packed with restaurants serving worldwide cuisines; Chungmu Art Center, where you might get a chance to see hallyu stars; filming location of the famous movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015),” and many more!

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