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Top Medical Infrastructure Globally

Korea, the Medical Tour Service Leader

Korea's world-class medical services can be verified by statistical analysis of medical data.
The rate of adoption of the electronic medical record (EMR) system by Korean medical institutes ranks top globally.
The country has the second highest healthcare index in the world. The index assesses robotic endoscopic surgery, medical equipment, diagnostic system, and medical system, thus showing that Korea has established a solid foothold as a medical powerhouse.

  • EMR Adoption Rate by Medical Institutions(as of 2016)

    No. 1 Korea
    No. 2 Europe
    No. 3 US

    Samjong KPMG Economic Research Institute,
    Report no. 124, March 2020 Edition

  • 2021 Healthcare Index

    2021 Healthcare Index
    Country Healthcare Index
    Korea 82.34
    France 80.99
    Japan 80.68
    Denmark 79.96

    NUMBEO, Healthcare Index by
    Country 2021

Major Medical Fields

  • Integrated Internal Medicine

    • Number five globally plus three of the top 20 global hospitals for cancer treatment are based in Korea.
    • The five-year survival rate for stomach cancer patients is 77% in Korea, which is two times higher than that of the US (32.4%).
    • Approximately 1,000 doctors worldwide visit Korea to learn about the country's integrated cancer treatment systems.
  • Plastic Surgery

    • Korea holds 25% of the global cosmetic surgery market.
    • Korean plastic surgeons write major, official plastic surgery textbooks used across the globe.
    • Korea offers a reliable medical infrastructure, such as cameras installed in operating rooms and the disclosure of the names of medical staff members who participate in the surgeries.
  • Dermatology

    • Know-how in dermatological treatments of Korean celebrities has grabbed much attention globally.
    • Korea's global top-in-class stem cell technology has anti-aging and immunity-boosting effects.
    • A large number of Korean healthcare practitioners in the field of cosmetic skin treatments and post-procedural management have entered the overseas markets.
  • Physical Examination Center

    • Ranks no. 1 in terms of the EMR system adoption rate by medical institutions
    • According to the Global Health Security Index, Korea ranked fifth in terms of disease detection, scoring more than double the average for 194 countries.v
    • The rate of Korean hospitals that own magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices is more than double the OECD average, placing Korea fourth among OECD countries
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    • Home to one of the top five global fertility centers
    • High infertility and subfertility treatment success rates lead to a 45-50% pregnancy success rate.
    • IVF treatments in Korea cost one-sixth the price of treatments in the US
  • Orthopedics

    • Ranks fifth globally in terms of the number of spine disease research papers
    • The success rate of idiopathic scoliosis surgeries in Korea is at 80-90%.
    • Korea is home to one of the top nine global orthopedics clinics and home to four hospitals ranked in the top 30
  • Traditional Korean Medicine

    • International medical journals have scientifically proven the efficacy of traditional Korean medicine.
    • Collaborative treatments using both traditional Korean and western medicine effectively reduce the side effects of surgeries.
    • Traditional Korean medicine has gained popularity with those seeking weight loss, beauty care, and non-surgical procedures
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