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Korea Medical Tour Sets Global Medical Tourism Standards

The biggest merit of Korean medical tours is the convergence of medicine and IT.
Korean general hospitals' transplantations, robotic surgeries, and endoscopic operations have the best-in-class quality among medical tourist destinations. In particular, Korea's cancer survival rate is more than double the average among OECD countries, thereby boasting a world-class standard.

Global comparison of cancer survival rates

  • Thyroid cancer 100.0%
  • Breast cancer 92.3%
  • Cervical cancer 79.9%

Ranks no. 1 among OECD countries

Experience Smart Care Beyond Cure, The Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute

Most Visited Country in the world

Medical tourists in Korea in 2019, by country of origin

198 countries 497,464 patients

Sources : KHIDI / 2020 Statistics on International Patients in South Korea

Foreign Medical Staff under Domestic Training Programs

※ No. of trainees who completed or are under training programs (2007–2019)

Medical Korea Academy: 448

(31 Countries)

Saudi Arabia Physicians & Dentist Training Program in Korea: 220


Korea–Mongolia Seoul
Project: 173
Korea-Russia Health Care
Cooperation Project: 82

Korea, Visited by Patients from Around the World

The number of foreign patients in Korea continues to grow. Patients come from various regions in the world including Russia, Central Asia, Middle East, the Americas and Europe. In addition, patients from nearby countries such as China and Japan also come to Korea for medical treatment.

Annual increase in the no. of foreign patients in Korea

Cumulative no. of patients 2,760,553

Number of Foreign Patients Who Came to Korea (2019)
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