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Romantic Luxury Travel in Busan

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Busan is the second-largest city in South Korea. With the Busan Port in the center, it is a bustling place of maritime trade and logistics industry and offers beautiful seaside landscapes of beaches, islands, and seaside cliffs. It is also filled with fine seafood culinary experiences and cultural and artistic attractions. With Haeundae, the key tourist attraction of Busan in the center, top-tier hotels are clustered for you to enjoy the premium facilities and romantic mood of the ocean.

Busan, the Maritime City

Busan Day Tour Course

Museum of Contemporary Art Busan - SPA 1899 - Yacht Tale - Signiel Busan

Meet Unique and Experimental Contemporary Arts at the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan

To start your tour of Busan, we recommend visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan (MoCA Busan) where your artistic soul will be touched. The MoCA Busan is nestled in Eulsukdo Island, the paradise of migratory birds, and it focuses on contemporary artworks under the theme of “Nature, New Media, and Humanity.” The open gallery on the ground floor is decorated with artworks of Tobias Rehberger and doubles as a cafe open to the public. “ ” where archives are collected, stored, and managed, “ a reading space for children inspired by the reed field on Eulsukdo Island, etc. will surely impress the visitors.

View of the MoCA Busan
 MoCA Busan F1 Open Gallery Kid’s Book Island at MoCA Busan

MoCA Busan Tourist Information

  • Address1191, Nakdongnam-ro, Saha-gu, Busan
  • Nearby attractionsNakdong Estuary Eco Center, Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge, and Gamcheon Culture Village

Feel the Energy of 6-year-old Red Ginseng at SPA 1899

After visiting the MoCA Busan and Eulsukdo Island, revitalize your tired body at SPA 1899. According to Dongui bogam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine) from the Joseon Dynasty, “red ginseng is anti-aging, contributes to a longer life, and boosts energy.” SPA 1899 is run by CheongKwanJang, a premium red ginseng brand, and offers the efficacy of 6-year-old red ginseng through the hands of professional therapists in careful rituals and therapeutic touches. The spa uses 6-year-old red ginseng which is known to be the most potent ingredient for revitalizing your body and mind with energy.

SPA 1899 Haeundae Branch
SPA 1899 Haeundae Branch SPA 1899 Haeundae Branch

SPA 1899 Haeundae Tourist Information

  • Address277, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan
  • Nearby attractionsHaeundae Beach, Dongbaekseom Island, and Haeundae Beach Train

Enjoy Romantic Yacht Rides at Yacht Tale

One of the best ways to feel the charms of Busan is to hop on a yacht. The view of Busan from the ocean is incredibly romantic. Gwangandaegyo Bridge that stretches over the ocean, high skyscrapers towering over the Marine City, Dongbaekseom Island where camellia flowers blossom in winter, and Haeundae Beach that covers a 1.5 km long shoreline can be seen from a yacht. Try a sunset tour where you will depart at sunset to enjoy the majestic view beyond Gwangandaegyo Bridge and the wonderfully gleaming lights of Marine city. Visitors will be amazed at the many luxury yachts that can be found at Yacht Tale, located at The Bay 101 by the entrance of Dongbaekseom Island.

Yacht Tale
Yacht Tale Yacht Tale

Yacht Tale Tourist Information

  • Address52, Dongbaek-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan
  • Nearby attractionsDongbaekseom Island, Nurimaru (APEC House), Haeundae Beach, and Haeundae Beach Train

Signiel Busan, the New Landmark of Haeundae

Haeundae is the prime tourist destination of Busan and has many attractions such as wide beaches, Dongbaekseom Island, Dalmaji Hill, Haeundae Beach Train, and more. In summer, the place bustles with countless visitors. True to its status of being a long-standing holiday destination, Haeundae also hosts many world-class hotels such as the Westin Josun Busan which opened in 1987 and Paradise Busan in 1981. Along with these hotels with more than 40 years of history, there are many new hotels that just opened. Signiel Busan opened in 2020 and it is located on the 3rd-19th floor of LCT Tower, the new landmark of Busan. Feel the vast openness and enjoy true relaxation in a room that overlooks Dalmaji Hill and Gwangandaegyo Bridge, as well as Haeundae Beach.

Signel Busan
Signel Busan Infinity Pool Signel Busan Royal Suite

Signiel Busan Tourist Information

  • AddressDalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan
  • Nearby attractionsDalmaji Hill, Haeundae Beach, Dongbaekseom Island, etc.

Written by: Kim Sook-hyun (Travel writer) Photographed by: MoCA Busan, SPA 1899, Yacht Tale, and Signiel Busan

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