Double S 301 Announces Comeback Showcase Date for ′Eternal 01′

  • Date11/30/2016

cj enews worldKim, JiYeon / 2016-11-30 15:00

Boy group Double S 301 is holding a comeback showcase in December and will officially begin promotions.

On December 19, Double S 301 will release their new album Eternal 0 and Eternal 1 and plan to hold their comeback showcase on December 8.

Double S 301 will hold the 2016 Double S 301 COMEBACK SHOWCASE ′ETERNAL 01′ at Ehwa Womans University′s Samsung Hall on December 8. Tickets for the showcase were open for fan club members beginning November 24.

Double S 301 are awaiting their comeback with their 2nd mini album Eternal 0 and Eternal 1 on December 9 and have revealed teaser images with two different concepts. The group has gained the attention of many Korean and global fans with the announcement of their new album as well as their showcase.

The upcoming album will be released in two version Eternal 0 and Eternal 1 and will continue the "Eternal" series following Eternal 5, which was released in February this year."

Double S 301, who have been active both in and out of Korea, plans to bring their energetic presence to their fans before the end of 2016.

Photo credit: CI ENT

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