BEAST Makes Preparations for Independent Label

  • Date11/29/2016

cj enews worldSusan Min / 2016-11-29 12:00

Group BEAST has made preparations for their independent label. However, they are still in discussion regarding the group name as well as copyright issues regarding their last album.

On November 29, according to a media outlet, BEAST is ready to begin their indepent label as previously reported. BEAST has gathered a group of influential producers and staff members and will establish their corporation in the near future.

BEAST′s contract with Cube Entertainment had previously ended in October and the group was rumored to begin their independent label. The process of gathering influential producers, gathering investors and establishing their label is not easy, but BEAST has shown their strong will.

Nevertheless, discussions regarding BEAST′s name and album copyrights is still underway.

Photo credit: Cube Entertainment

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