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[Korea] 2010 Tourist Information Center Cultural Experience Event

  • Date12/29/2009
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2010 Tourist Information Center Cultural Experience Event
2010 Tourist Information Center Cultural Experience Event
In 2010, the Korea Tourism Organization’s Tourist Information Center (TIC) is bringing back its famous cultural experience event. A range of hands-on experience programs, including a chance to try on Korea’s traditional wear, the Hanbok, will be held at TIC located on the lower ground floor of KTO Headquarters. A great opportunity for international travelers to experience Korean culture hands-on, this event is largely popular among travelers especially because there are no participation fees in place.

The event consists of a wide range of drop-in programs, which allow visitors to dress up in a Hanbok, get their very own Korean name, make their own traditional handcrafts and play folk games. Simply check the event schedule below and join in on the event of your choice, no reservation required.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Event Programs below or contact TIC.
Event Programs

* Hanbok Experience
→ Time: See monthly schedule
Have photos taken in various Hanbok dresses for every age and occasion (e.g. Everyday use, wedding attire, and court attire.)

* Have Your Name Written in Korean

→ Time: See monthly schedule
A traditional calligrapher writes visitors’ Korean names on hanji paper.

* Make Traditional Crafts

→ Time: See monthly schedule
Visitors learn to stamp or paint images of the Hanbok dress or traditional symbols of Korea on hanji paper.

* Play Folk Games

→ Time: Lunar New Year and Chuseok Korean Thanksgiving
Visitors can try traditional folk games such as Yut-nori (a stick-throwing board game), Tuho (arrow throwing), Jegi-chagi (tassel kicking) and sangmo-doligi (hat spinning).
Staff fluent in foreign languages (Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese) will be around to guide and help visitors to enjoy the event.
 Monthly Schedule

             (○: Programs taking place)

Dates & Period
Hanbok Experience (09:30~17:30) Have Your Name Written in Korean

Make Traditional Crafts


Play Folk Games

2.9(Tue) ~2.20(Sat)



 4.28(Wed)~4.30(Fri) X
5.1(Sat) ~5.22(Sat)
(5.1~5.5 / 5.17~5.22)


(5.1~5.5 / 5.17~5.22) 

(9.13~9.18 / 9.20~9.28)


→ Period:
January ~ December, 2010
- Regular: Events are usually held the third week of each month except in May, where they will be held on the fourth week. Events will also take place on major national holidays such as Lunar New Year and Chuseok where folk games can be experienced. Please see schedule for more detailed information.
- Special: During Golden Week (2010.4.28~5.5)/ Lunar New Year holidays (2010.2.9~14) / Korean Thanksgiving (2010.9.20~28)
→ Event venue:
B1 floor of the Tourist Information Center at the Korea Tourism Organization Headquarters.
→ Event programs: Hanbok experience, have your name written in Korean (Mon ~ Fri), make crafts, try out traditional folk games (available during holiday periods)
→ Things to notice: drop in programs; first-come, first-served; no participation fees
→ Contact: +82-2-729-9497~9 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)