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[VisitKorea] Meet 100 Korean Celebrities- Korea 100 Sparkles Online Festival

  • Date09/17/2009
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Meet 100 Korean Celebrities
Korea 100 Sparkles Online Festival

100 Korean celebrities tell Asia’s netizens what they like best about Korea,
while netizens get to enter their photos and videos of Korea in a UCC contest
The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO, CEO Charm Lee) has launched the second phase of its global tourism promotion campaign, which promotes Visit Korea 2010-2012 and enhances Korea’s image as a tourist destination.

The first phase, Korea’s Bright Sparks, was launched in July 2009 with Yahoo!, and it was participated in by 800,000 netizens from China, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan. During the campaign, Park Yong-Ha, Jun Jin, and Andy were voted as the Korean Hallyu stars that Asia’s netizens most wanted to meet.

Capitalizing on the momentum generated by this first phase, the KTO is now launching the second phase of the campaign, 100 Sparkling Stories. Through the KTO and Yahoo!’s campaign microsite (, this phase promotes various attractions such as the Visit Korea Year event, Seven Luck Casino, Incheon, Gangwon-do Province, and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, and also contains travel columns on attractions such as beauty services. On this microsite, 100 of Korea’s celebrities talk about their favorite things about Korea. These attractions have been divided into seven themes, which include food, shows, shopping, and beauty. Lee Oi-Soo, Chung Myung-Whun, Song Seung-Hwan, Jun Jin, Park Eun-Hye, and many other celebrities in entertainment, music, and sports have joined with the KTO to tell Asia’s netizens what they think makes Korea so special. Netizens will get an intimate look at these celebrities through reading interviews and watching videos, and at the same time they will also be introduced to Korea’s many tourist attractions.

A UCC contest called Show Us Your Sparkling Spirit will be held simultaneously with the 100 Sparkling Stories promotion. Netizens from China, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan are invited to submit a photo or video of Korea. Interested participants can apply through the site ( or the KTO’s brand channel on Youtube ( The top four UCC teams (one team from each country, with up to two persons per team) will be chosen to take part in the Sparkling Road Trip in November where the participants will get to interview the Korean Hallyu stars of their choice. Other prizes, including round-trip airfares to Korea and mini notebooks, will be awarded to selected participants. Applications should be submitted by October 11, 2009.

Another opportunity for netizens to win prizes (round-trip airfare to Korea, digital cameras, etc) is to write a review of their favorite Korean destination out of the places featured on the “Five Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Korea” video, which is also featured on the KTO’s Youtube channel. Applications should be submitted from September 10, 2009 to October 20, 2009. Winners will be announced on October 30, 2009.

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