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[Korea] Cheonggyecheon’s laser light show gets an upgrade

  • Date07/07/2009
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Cheonggyecheon’s Laser Light Show Gets An Upgrade

“Digital Canvas”, one of the tourist attractions at the Cheonggyecheon Stream in downtown Seoul, was upgraded on July 3rd.

One of Seoul’s main attractions is the Cheonggyecheon Stream. Not only can one stroll along the river and enjoy the calm night air, but one can also watch a laser light show. A laser light show makes various images using a tunnel fountain and a water screen fountain. During the daytime, water mists coming from the artificial fountains of Cheonggyecheon Stream cool you off in the hot summer heat. At night, the stream turns into brilliant digital artwork. “Digital Canvas” can be found at the upper end of the Cheonggyecheon stream (in the Gwanggyo area) and from the 3rd of July, this laser light show will be upgraded.

Before July 2009, the theme projected various elements of nature such as clouds, waves, fish and birds. Now, we they have introduced a new theme titled “In Search for Happiness”. We will see a diverse display of Seoul’s symbols including the happy faces of Seoul’s citizens, Taekwondo, Buchaechum (fan dance) and Gwanghwamun. Unlike other laser light shows, “Digital Canvas” carries various messages and meanings, which will hold the audience entranced. French artist Laurent Francois created this piece that lends a magical ambience to your evening.

** Introduction to the Second Theme “In Search for Happiness”**

The 1st Part “Digital Cheonggyecheon Stream”: Laser beams project Koreans’ sprit and traditions including Taegeuk (yin-yang) symbol. You can experience Korea recreated by the French artist.
The 2nd Part “Beloved Citizens”:The show tells about the life of a woman who is born at a seashell, grows, dances and meets her lover. The image of her dancing is especially amazing.
The Last Part “Happy Seoulites”: Laser lights create the images of Seoul’s symbols such as Mt. Namsan and Gwanghwamun and expresses the lives of Seoul citizens.

Digital Canvas Operating Hours
Monday ~ Thursday: 20:00~22:00 (30-minute-interval) The 2nd theme is presented 5 times a day
Friday ~ Sunday: 20:00~22:00 (30-minute-interval) The 1st and 2nd themes alternate between each other. (The 2nd theme-the 1st theme-the 2nd theme-the 1st theme-the 2nd theme, a total of 5 times a day)
Operating Hours: April~August (20:00~22:00), February, March, September (19:00~21:00), October~January (18:00~20:00)

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