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[Korea] Gyeongju’s Liquor and Rice Cake Festival 2009

  • Date04/17/2009
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Gyeongju’s Drinks and Rice Cake Festival 2009

When good fortune comes to a Korean household, the family invites guests to celebrate with them and traditionally serve them liquor and rice cakes.  The liquor and rice cakes that are offered to the guests are prepared carefully and thoughtfully as they represent a sincere heartfelt gift.  In light of this important cultural custom, the Gyeongju Liquor and Rice Cake festival is held every year in the Hwangseong Park area of Gyeongju.  The festival has prepared a wide variety of events, so visitors will be able to fully experience the historical culture and taste of traditional liquor and rice cakes.    

Unlike previous festivals, this year’s festival will focus on the traditional liquor and rice cakes that are produced in Gyeongju.  A total of 22 events have been organized for the festival, including activities such as brewing traditional liquor and making your own rice cakes.  The “Silla Kingdom’s Five Processes of Rice Cake Making” program will be available for the entire festival period, presenting kneaded rice cakes (Gyeongdan), steamed rice cakes (Patsiru-tteok), pounded rice cakes (Injeolmi), pan-fried rice cakes (Bindae-tteok), and boiled rice cakes (Ggulmulgyeongdan).  The “Rice Cake Café” will provide information on the origins of various rice cakes and their ingredients.  Unusual events include a Cheongju (clear strained rice wine) footbath, which will increase your blood circulation as well as curing colds and muscular pains.  Visitors can also try out face packs made from cheongju and lemon or cheongju and honey.  Other events at the festival include a traditional tea ceremony, traditional folk games (yutnori, jegichagi, paengichigi, etc.), making liquor bottles, and more. 

<Main Events>
☞ Special EventThe 1st Gyeongju Traditional Liquor Brand Competition
☞ Performances:  Percussion performances, Korean classical music performances, traditional liquor cocktail show, etc.
☞ ExhibitionsThe History of Liquor and Rice Cakes Exhibition, The Most Suitable Side dishes for Gyeongju’s Traditional Liquor Exhibition, photographs of Gyeongju’s past, etc. (Description boards and interpretation available in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese)
☞ Sales EventsRice cakes, appetizers, Gyeongju’s local specialities, and travel souvenirs, etc.

☞ PeriodApril 18, 2009 (Saturday) ~ April 23, 2009 (Thursday) (for 6 days)
☞ Location: Hwangseong Park area, Gyeongju city
☞ Festival Contact:  +82-54-748-7721~2 (Korean)
☞ Korea Travel Phone+82-54-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
☞ Homepage (Korean) 
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