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[KTO] [Hong Kong] Korea Plaza to Open in Hong Kong

  • Date11/15/2007
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Korea Tourism Organization, Hong Kong ‘Korea Plaza’
-Promotional Winter Sales for Hong Kong·Taipei residents-

A new ‘Korea Plaza’ was inaugurated on November 9 in Hong Kong’s world trade center building located inside Hong Kong’s most popular shopping center, in the Causeway Bay area.

Many leaders associated with Korea attended the grand opening ceremony, including the chairman of Hong Kong TIC, the representative of HKTB, the president of the Korea - Hong Kong Friendship Association, the tourism agency representative, important figures from the Hong Kong tourism industry, the general consul of Hong Kong, the chairman of Korea TIC and the chairman of the trade and commerce industry. Popular entertainers from Hong Kong also attended the ceremony, with Edmond Leung and Theresa Fu attracting much attention as Korea’s promotional ambassadors.

The two-hour ceremony featured a press conference, a reception, an opening ceremony, and gun salutes. Different types of promotional booths were opened for an all-day showcase. The ‘Nanta’ performance started at 3pm, followed by a spectacular B-Boy performance at night, showcasing the spirit of Korea Sparkling to the people of Hong Kong.

Korea’s ‘Fun Ski & Snow’ winter tourism campaign was also promoted for two days, from the 10th to the 11th. Promotional teams from ten of Korea’s ski resorts, ski associations, and tourism agencies provided consumers with a ski & snowboarding experience along with a brief training course.

Hong Kong’s ‘Korea Plaza’ will be a place where Hong Kong’s citizens can come to learn more about Korea and its culture.