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[Korea] Incheon Airport’s Limousine Bus Service Rates Will Go Up

  • Date09/20/2007
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Starting Next Month, Incheon Airport’s Limousine Bus Service Rates
Will Increase by 9.2% on Average

Beginning October 1st, rates for the Standard Limousine Bus service will increase by 500 won or 1,000 won as follow: ▲Seoul∼Incheon Airport 8,000 won → 9,000 won ▲Seoul∼Incheon International Airport (via Gimpo Airport) 7,500 won → 8,000 won ▲Gimpo Airport∼Incheon International Airport 4,500 won → 5,000 won ▲Seoul∼Gimpo Airport 2,500 won → 3,000 won.

Also, rates for the Deluxe Limousine Bus service will go up as follow: ▲Seoul∼Incheon International Airport 13,000 won → 14,000 won ▲Seoul∼Incheon International Airport (via Gimpo Airport) 12,000 won → 13,000 won ▲Gimpo Airport∼Incheon International Airport, Seoul∼Gimpo Airport 6,000 won → 6,500 won.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it decided to raise rates for the Limousine Bus services in agreement with the industry, as oil prices and toll fees have increased since the last bus rates increase of 7.2% in October 2005.

The city also announced that it planned to change the bus payment system so that people may purchase bus tickets with all kinds of prepaid transportation cards and postpaid credit cards. Currently, only cash and Kookmin Card (transportation card) are accepted.

At the moment, the city is operating 189 Standard Limousine Buses and 185 Deluxe Limousine Buses. 28,000 passengers use these services daily.