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[Korea] Water Sports on the Hangang River

  • Date06/13/2007
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The Hangang River divides Seoul into northern and southern parts-Gangnam and Gangbok. A number of water sports such as boat riding, water-skiing, and windsurfing can be enjoyed at one of Hangang River ’s Public Parks in the Ttukseom, Jamsil, and Jamwon districts.

All water sports happen in the Jamwon district with the exception of boat riding and windsurfing. You can even try the rare water motorcycle in this area. Ttukseom, being the first to provide water-sport facilities, has great advantages in that numerous businesses are trying to cater to many people who can enjoy the facilities simultaneously. Motorboats, rowboats, and paddleboats can be found in 3 locations. Water-skiing and wakeboarding are also available.
A cruise operates in the Ttukseom, Jamsil, Yeoui-do, Yanghwa, Mangwon, and Nanji areas.

Wakeboarding is a leisure sport that can’t be forgotten; it’s an essential to water sports. “Wake” is the V-shaped trail that is made when a propeller of a boat cuts the water’s surface. Wakeboarding is a way of riding the waves made from the wake. This is much like a type of water-skiing called trick skiing, but compared to trick-skiing, wakeboarding is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone. There is a one-time fee anywhere between 18,000 won and 25,000 won, and can be enjoyed anywhere in the Hangang River area excluding the Yeoui-do, Yanghwa, and Nanji districts.

Water Motorcycle
Water motorcycles is unique to the Jamwon district, where water-skiing is also available to try. This is a bit expensive as it is 30,000 won for 1 ride (10 mins.).

Yachts, Paddleboats, Motorboats
Yachting can also be enjoyed on the Hangang River. In the Jamwon and Nanji districts, guests can enjoy an hour of yachting for about 30,000 won. If you would like to feel the refreshing winds of the river without getting your clothes wet, taking a ride on a boat or the excursion ship are great alternatives. Rowboats and paddleboats are available in the Ttukseom, Ichon, Yeoui-do, and Mangwon districts. Motorboats are available everywhere.

For further inquiries contact the Tourism Information Center at +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

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Hangang River District’s 2007 Water Sports
Sports Rates (KRW) Districts Where Available
Motorboat 25,000~30,000 All Districts
Water Motorcycle 30,000 (10min) Jamwon
Rowboat 8,000~10,000(1hr) Ttukseom, Ichon, Yeoui-do, Mangwon
Paddleboat 8,000~10,000(1hr) Ttukseom, Ichon, Yeoui-do, Mangwon
Yacht 30,000~35,000(1hr) Jamwon, Nanji
Water-skiing 15,000~20,000 Ttukseom , Jamsil, Jamwon, Banpo, Ichon, Mangwon
Wakeboarding 18,000~25,000 Ttukseom , Jamsil, Jamwon, Banpo, Ichon, Mangwon
Fly Fishing 15,000~20,000 Ttukseom, Jamsil, Jamwon, Mangwon
Banana Boating 10,000~15,000 Jamsil, Jamwon, Banpo, Ichon, Mangwon
Peanut Boat 15,000~20,000 Jamwon, Mangwon
Wind Surfing 20,000 Mangwon
Cruise 9,900~14,600 Ttukseom, Jamsil, Yeoui-do, Yanghwa, Mangwon, Nanji