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[Korea] Social Distancing Levels Extended Until Sep. 5 with New Dining Restrictions

  • Date08/25/2021
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Current social distancing levels have been extended for two more weeks until September 5. Areas in level 4 will also have the additional restriction of no café or restaurant dine-in use after 21:00. Areas in level 3 will maintain the current restrictions for two more weeks.

The government announced on August 23 that the Seoul, Busan, and Daejeon Metropolitan areas, as well as Jeju Island, will extend social distancing level 4 for an additional two weeks. Areas outside of these will remain at level 3, although the level is subject to change depending on the situation in each city and county with a population of less than 100,000.

Gatherings in areas in level 4 will be limited to fewer than two people after 18:00, with the exception of an additional two people if it has been two weeks since they have been fully vaccinated, in an effort to increase the incentive for getting vaccinated. Cafés and restaurants must now stop serving in person from 21:00, one hour earlier than before. Take-out and delivery remain unaffected.

Tables at convenience stores are included in these new restrictions, being unavailable from 21:00 in level 4 areas, and 22:00 in level 3 areas.

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Social Distancing Levels Extended Until Sep. 5 with New Dining Restrictions

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