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[Korea] Newly Published Korean Language Books

  • Date03/11/2020
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Photo: Korean language books (Credit: King Sejong Institute)

New Korean language books have been released for foreigners. The books come in three topics: business, conversation, and culture. For those interested in working in Korea, there is Business Korean 1 and 2; intermediate learners can enhance their skills with Sejong Korean Conversation 3 and 4; and lastly, learners can expand knowledge on Korean culture with Sejong Korean Culture 2.

Sejong Korean Conversation 1 and 2 were released in 2018 focusing on delivering common conversational phrases in an easy and fun way. Sejong Korean Conversation 3 and 4 help intermediate learners express even more diverse phrases. Sejong Korean Culture 1 was released in 2017 focusing on allowing learners approach Korean culture easily. Sejong Korean Culture 2 shows examples of various activities learners can participate in.

These Korean language books can be bought at bookstores in Korea or downloaded for free on the Nuri Sejong Hakdang website.

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Information courtesy of King Sejong Institute Foundation