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[Korea] CNN Announces Korea’s 33 Most Beautiful Temples

  • Date02/13/2020
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Photo: Buseoksa Temple

CNN Travel has released a list of the 33 most beautiful temples in Korea. According to the media outlet, while all of Korea’s 900-plus temples have historic and cultural importance, 33 of them are exceptionally beautiful.

The full list of 33 temples, including Manggyeongsa Temple in Gangwon-do, Taeansa Temple in Jeollanam-do, and Naejangsa Temple in Jeollabuk-do, can be found in the Travel section of the CNN website.

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Korea’s 33 Most Beautiful Temples

Manggyeongsa Temple, Taeansa Temple, Naejangsa Temple, Daejeonsa Temple, Cheongpyeongsa Temple, Boeun Beopjusa Temple, Gangcheonsa Temple, Buseoksa Temple, Gurye Cheoneunsa Temple, Geumsansa Temple, Golgulsa Temple, Gurye Saseongam Hermitage, Hyangiram Hermitage, Magoksa Temple, Samhwasa Temple, Yeongcheon Baekeungam Hermitage, Tongdosa Temple, Damyang Boriam Hermitage, Suncheon Songgwangsa Temple, Pohang Oeosa Temple, Bonghwa Cheongnyangsa Temple, Suncheon Seonamsa Temple, Jincheon Botapsa Temple, Hwaeomsa Temple, Maisan Tapsa Temple, Unjusa Temple, Haenam Daeheungsa Temple, Hwasun Ssangbongsa Temple, Beomeosa Temple, Yeongoksa Temple, Dobong Cheonchuksa Temple, Sujongsa Temple, Buryeongsa Temple
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Information courtesy of CNN