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[Korea] Enjoy Nationwide K-pop Concerts with K Culture Festival

  • Date08/29/2019
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Photo: Busan One Asia Festival (Credit: Busan Tourism Organization)

K Culture Festival will host a series of K-pop festivals and concerts in different regions of Korea as a nationwide festivity in September and October.

In September, two events will take place in Seoul - the Gangnam Festival and the Seoul Music Festival. Gangnam Festival will be held from September 26 to October 5 at COEX, while Seoul Music Festival will be held from September 28 to October 6 at Gwanghwamun Square. Both concerts feature a line-up of diverse K-pop artists to entertain the audience.

Next, Incheon will host its 11th annual Incheon K-pop Concert (INK Concert) on October 12 at Incheon Munhak Sports Complex. INK Concert draws in fans from Korea and abroad every year with fabulous stage performances by popular hallyu stars. Promotional booths for Incheon will also be set up for visitors to see and experience what the city has to offer.

In Busan, Busan One Asia Festival is scheduled to take place from October 19 to 25 at Hwamyeong Ecological Park. The festival will kick off with an opening ceremony featuring top K-pop stars, followed by a hip-hop concert, hallyu culture programs, idol fan meetings, and more. Featuring K-pop stars include AB6IX, Kim Se-jeong, Kim Jae-hwan, ITZY, Ha Sung-woon and more.

Festivals and concerts in other regions include the Live in DMZ on September 21 at Imjingak Resort’s Pyeong-hoa Nuri Park in Paju, Yeonggwang Expo K-Pop Concert on September 28 at Yeonggwang Sportium in Yeonggwang, Changwon K-Pop World Festival on October 11 at Changwon Sports Park in Changwon, and Asia Song Festival from October 11 to 12 at Ulsan Sports Complex Auxiliary Stadium in Ulsan.

More Info

2019 K Culture Festival

☞ Gangnam Festival

Event period: September 26 – October 5, 2019
Venue: 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 513, 코엑스)
Directions: Walk for approx. 5 min from Bongeunsa Station (Seoul Subway Line 9), Exit 7
Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
* Website will be updated soon

☞ Seoul Music Festival
Event period: September 28 – October 6, 2019
Venue: 172, Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 종로구 세종대로 172, 광화문 광장)
Directions: Walk for approx. 2 min from Gwanghwamun Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 2

☞ INK Concert
Event date: October 12, 2019
Venue: 618, Maesohol-ro, Michuhol-gu, Incheon (인천광역시 미추홀구 매소홀로 618, 인천문학경기장)
Directions: Walk for approx. 10 min from Munhak Sports Complex Station (Incheon Subway Line 1), Exit 2
Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
* Website will be updated soon

☞ Busan One Asia Festival
Event period: October 19-25, 2019
Venue: 598, Deokcheon-dong, Buk-gu, Busan (부산광역시 북구 덕천동 598, 화명생태공원)
Directions: Walk for approx. 10 min from Sujeong Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 2
Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

☞ Live in DMZ
Event date: September 21, 2019
Venue: 177, Imjingak-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do (경기도 파주시 문산읍 임진각로 177, 임진각 평화누리 공원)
Directions: Take a taxi for approx. 15 min (7 km) from Munsan Station (Gyeongui Jungang Line), Exit 2

☞ Yeonggwang Expo K-Pop Concert
Event date: September 28, 2019
Venue: 672, Danju-ri, Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do (전라남도 영광군 영광읍 단주리 672, 영광스포티움)
Directions: Take a taxi for approx. 4 min (1.7 km) from Yeonggwang Bus Terminal

☞ Changwon K-Pop World Festival
Event date: October 11, 2019
Venue: 450, Woni-daero, Euichang-gu, Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do (경상남도 창원시 의창구 원이대로 450, 창원스포츠파크)
Directions: Take Bus No. 103 or 506 from Changwon Bus Terminal Bus Stop to Changwon Sports Park Bus Stop and walk for approx. 5 min

☞ Asia Song Festival
Event period: October 11-12, 2019
Venue: 55, Yeompo-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan (울산광역시 중구 염포로 55, 울산종합운동장 보조경기장)
Directions: Take a taxi for approx. 10 min from Ulsan Intercity Bus Terminal or Ulsan Airport

☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay)