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[Korea] Top 10 Jeju Attractions to Visit this June

  • Date06/07/2019
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Photo: Jeju-do batdam

Jeju Tourism Organization has released a list of Top 10 Jeju Sites to visit in June. The list includes attractions, nature, experience programs, festivals, food and more.

First on the list is Donymyeong-ri in Hallim. The area is well known for batdam, or field wall, that resembles a black dragon. Made using basalt, the wall separates the fields while protecting crops from the wind. Visitors walking the trail can see various crops getting harvested on the fields and at the end of the trail, Jeju souvenirs can be purchased at the neighborhood’s village hall. Visitors can also experience a variety of sea related programs at the nearby Hallim Sea Village.

Next on the list is Samdasu Forest Trail. Located within a prize winning forest, the trail is known for its primeval forest atmosphere. With two different easy level courses, Course 1 takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, while Course 2 takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete.

Also included in the list are various cultural attractions. Throughout Jeju Island, various art pieces can be found at different cultural spaces. At Sanjicheon Gallery, daily lives of haenyeo (women divers), referred to as the mothers of Jeju, can be seen, while at Art Space IAa connects art with life through various art experience programs. More exhibitions on Jeju’s history and culture can be seen at Seogwipo Cultural Battery Station, Cultural Space Yang, and Arario Museum.

For more unique experience, visitors can try Jeju’s original alcohol at pubs and distilleries. Traditional Jeju liquor and fermented drink experience program can be found at Jeju Island Brewery, or Jeju Suligneunjijp, where a traditional method has been handed down for four generations. JeJu HoneyWine is another popular attraction that offers nation’s only melomel wine, produces wine through honey and mandarin from Jeju. For fresh beer, visit Tamna Ale, while for traditional cocktail and rice cake, Jeju Saemju is a must.

Other attractions selected for the month of June include Iseungi Volcanic Cone, parasailing and paddle-boarding, Yeomnani Kojigil Trail, Baengdeui Goeungil Trail, city tour bus attractions, mountain hydrangea and sunflower attractions, and restaurants certified by Jeju residents.

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Top 10 Jeju Attractions to Visit this June

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