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[Korea] Check the Fine Dust Level with Air Korea

  • Date03/06/2019
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Photo: “Very bad” fine dust level in Seoul

Fine dust levels in parts of Korea, including the metropolitan cities has been on the rise lately.

According to Air Korea, the level of fine dust is divided into four categories (good, average, bad, and very bad). Since the beginning of March, fine dust levels have been at very bad. The Ministry of Environment has warned the citizens to stay indoors as much as they can, as the fine dust levels have increased drastically in March compared to last year.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), fine dust is considered first level cancer-causing agent that cannot be seen with a naked eye. Fine dust is divided into fine dust (PM10), consisting of particles smaller than 10 μm in diameter, and ultra-fine dust (PM2.5), dust particles smaller than 2.5μm in the diameter. Ultra-fine dust in the air can cause health complications when breathed in as it can penetrate into a person’s lungs and bloodstream.

To protect from fine dust, it is recommended to stay indoors if possible, but if you must go outside, wear a mask certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KF 80, 94, 99) that can be bought at local drug store and mart, stay off the roads and construction areas that have high fine dust level, wash cleanly after coming home, drink plenty of water, and consume fruits and vegetables high on vitamin c.

For detailed information of fine dust and ultra-fine dust in each region, please check the Air Korea website.

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Check the Fine Dust Level with Air Korea

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Information courtesy of Air Korea and the Ministry of Environment