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[Korea] 7 Perfect Trails for a walk in Oct. Recommend by KTO!

  • Date10/12/2018
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Photo: Yangpyeong Yongmunsa Temple ginkgo tree (left), Changwon Junam Reservoir (right)

Korea Tourism Organization has chosen 7 recommended trails perfect for an autumn walk. With a view of high blue sky and yellow ginkgo trees along the walking path, here are some of the beautiful roads in Korea to enjoy this autumn.

▲ Seongnam Nubi-gil Trail (성남 누비길)

The meaning of Nubi for Gyeonggi-do Seongnam’s Nubi-gil Trail is a beautiful forest Trail that can be enjoyed together with each other. The Trail is divided into seven sections: Namhansanseong Provincial Park Trail, Bulgoksan Mountain Trail, Taebongsan Mountain Trail, Cheonggyesan Mountain Trail, and Inneungsan Mountain Trail. The 1 section, Namhansanseong Provincial Park Trail, provides a chance to walk around Yeongjangsan Mountain, Bulmangbi, and Jihwamun Gate of Namhansanseong Provincial Park.

▲ Yangpyeong Mulsori-gil Trail (양평 물소리길)

Gyeonggi-do Yangpyeong-gun’s Mulsori-gil Trail has total of 6 courses. The courses are easy to find as they all start from Gyeongui-Jungang Line Train Stations (Yangsu Station, Sinwon Station, Asin Station, Yangpyeong Station, Wondeok Station, Yongmun Station). The 6th section, Ginkgo Tree Trail, offers visitors a chance to see Korea’s natural treasure, a 42 meter high ginkgo tree at Yongmunsa Temple.

▲ Hwaseong Jebikkori-gil Trail (화성 제비꼬리길)

Gyeonggi-do Hwaseong-si’s Jebikkori-gil Trail is a Trail in Jebudo Island that connects the coastal Trail to the forest Trail of Tapjaesan Mountain. The walk is more pleasant with various sculptures themed around the island is placed along the walking path. Don’t forget to stop by the Tapjaesan Mountain observatory for an amazing view of the West Sea.

▲ Geochang Cultural Heritage Travel-gil Trail (거창 문화유산여행길)

Gyeongsangnam-do Geochang -gun’s Cultural Heritage Travel-gil Trail offers piece of history from the period of the Three States to the the Joseon Dynasty. The Trail that leads to Yongamjeong and Geochang Suseungdae Park is especially more beautiful. Enjoy the Trail Korean ancestors used to walk on.

▲ Changwon Junam Reservoir Ecology-gil Trail (창원 주남저수지 생태 둘레길)

Gyeongsangnam-do Changwon-si’s Junam Reservoir Ecology-gil Trail is where 120 different types, over 80 thousand migratory birds come to visit. With no uphill throughout the Trail, everyone can enjoy a pleasant walk. With stories of various birds and pavilions along the path, take a breather and take in the beautiful scenery.

▲ Yeongyang Wessibeoseon-gil Trail (영양 외씨버선길)

Gyeongsangbuk-do Yeongyang-gun’s Wessibeoseon-gil Trail is a road that combines nature with tradition. With forests in primitive state, the road offers nature to the fullest. The road also offers peaceful forest walk as well as a chance to look at the modern history of Korea.

▲ Asan Ginkgo Tree-gil Trail (아산 은행나무길)

Chungcheongnam-do Asan-si’s Ginkgo Tree-gil Trail has previously been chosen in the “100 beautiful roads of Korea”. With total of 3565 ginkgo trees along the Trail, you can walk on the yellow carpet of ginkgo leaves during the peak period.

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7 Perfect Trail for a walk in Oct. Recommend by KTO!

Seongnam Nubi-gil Trail (성남 누비길)
☞ Course: Bukjeong-dong Green Belt Zone (복정동완충녹지) → Yeongjansan Mountain (영장산) → Sanseong
    Station (산성역) → Bulmangbi (불망비) → Namhansanseong Provincial Park Southern Gate (남한산성 남문)
☞ Distance: 7.5km
☞ Time: Approx. 4 hours

Yangpyeong Mulsori-gil Trail (양평 물소리길)
☞ Course: Yongmun Station (Seoul Subway Jungang Line) Exit 3 (용문역 3번 출구) → Yongmun Yangmyo Office
   (용문양묘사업소) → Yongmun Nonhyup dried rice storing facility (용문농협벼건조저장시설) → Yongmun Community
   Sports Park (용문생활체육공원) → Maryong 2ri Village Hall (마룡2리 마을회관) → Yongmun Nonhyup Storage
   (용문단위농협창고) → Pulhyanggi Pension (풀향기펜션) → Aehwamong Pension (애화몽펜션) → Catholic Training
   Facility Yongmun (천주교용문수련장) → Bird Hill Pension (버드힐펜션) → Ochon-ri Village Hall (오촌리마을회관) →
   Gureum Sanchaek Pension (구름산책펜션) → Hyeonmine "Minbak" lodge (현미네민박) → Yongmunsan Mountain
   Parking Lot (용문산주차장) → Yongmunsan Mountain Information Center (용문산관광안내소)
☞ Distance: 2km
☞ Time: Approx. 2hrs. 50 min.

Hwaseong Jebikkori-gil Trail (화성 제비꼬리길)
☞ Course: Jebu Lighthouse (제부등대) → Costal Walk (해안산책로) → Tapjaesan Mountain (탑재산) → Jebu 
   Lighthouse (제부등대)
☞ Distance: 2km
☞ Time:Approx. 1 hr.

Gochang Cultural Heritage Travel-gil Trail (거창 문화유산여행길)
☞ Course: The Head House of Jeong On (정온선생종택) → Morijae Pavillion, Ganseondae Observatory
   (모리재, 강선대) → Nongsan-ri Buddha Statue (농산리석조여래입상) → Yongamjeong (용암정) → Geochang
   Suseungdae Park
(수승대) → The Head House of Jeong On (정온선생종택)
☞ Distance: 7.5km
☞ Time:Approx. 4 hrs.

Changwon Junam Reservoir Ecology-gil Trail (창원 주남저수지 생태 둘레길)
☞ Course:Ramsar Culture Center (람사르문화관) → Junam Ecological Center (생태학습관) → Nakjodae (낙조대) →
   Yongsan Water Supply Center (용산배수장) → Junam Floodgate (주남수문) → Junam Rock Bridge (주남돌다리) →
   Nakjodae Terrace (낙조대) → Ramsar Culture Center (람사르문화관)
☞ Distance:7.5km
☞ Time:Approx. 2 hrs.

Yeongyang Wessibeoseon-gil Trail (영양 외씨버선길)
☞ Course: Ilwonsan Mountain Natural Flower Park (일월산 자생화공원) →Muangyo (무아교) → Beautiful Forest
   Road Entrance (아름다운 숲길 입구) → Hope Postbox (희망우체통) → Chilkbatmok Intersection (칡밭목 삼거리) →
   Uryeonjeon Pavillon (우련전)
☞ Distance: 8.3km
☞ Time:Approx. 3 hrs. 30 min.

Asan Ginkgo Tree-gil Trail (아산 은행나무길)
☞ Course: Chungmugyo Bridge Songgok intersection (충무교 입구 송곡사거리) → Baekam water supply center
☞ Distance: 2.1km
☞ Time:Approx. 50 min.

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