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[Korea] 2018’s First Cherry Blossoms to Bloom on Jeju Island

  • Date02/28/2018
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Photo: Cherry blossom forecast in Korea (Credit: Kweather Co.)

Jeju Island is expected to be the first to flower with cherry blossoms. According to Kweather Co., cherry blossoms will begin to bloom in Korea starting from March 25 on Jeju Island, and continue its way up to the peninsula’s southern regions such as Busan and Daegu from March 28 to April 4, reaching the central regions, including Seoul, between April 3 and April 10.

Cherry blossoms are expected to reach its peak on Jeju Island on April 1, in southern regions from April 4 to 11, and central regions from April 10 to 17. As the temperature in March is expected to be about the same or warmer than the previous years, please take note that the forecast may change depending on the climate or weather conditions.

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2018’s First Cherry Blossoms to Bloom in Jeju Island

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Information courtesy of Kweather Co.