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[Korea] Fall foliage to start from Seoraksan Mountain on September 29

  • Date09/13/2016
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Photo: 2016 First Fall Foliage Forecast (left) / 2016 Fall Foliage Peak Forecast (right) (Courtesy of Kweather Co., Ltd.)

Kweather, a governmental body under Korea Meteorological Administration has forecasted that the first appearance of 2016 fall foliage to be on September 29, two days later than average year.

The first place to see the magnificent fall colors will be in the northeast, at Seoraksan National Park (NaeSeorak) around September 29, followed by the central region around October 21, and then Jirisan National Park (Nogodan Peak) in the south central region October 12 to 24.

The fall foliage will reach its peak when the yellow and red colors of the trees cover 80% of the mountain, which will be no later or sooner than the average. Normally, peak colors appear two weeks after the first fall foliage is observed.

The best of the fall foliage is expected to occur in Chiaksan National Park on October 27, Naejangsan National Park on November 9. The starting dates as well as the dates of the full foliage can be also found at the official website of the Kweather.

▲ 2016 Autumn Foliage Forecast at Major Mountains in Korea

▲ 2016 Autumn Foliage Forecast at Major Mountains in Korea
Mountain First Appearance Peak
Seoraksan National Park (NaeSeorak) September 29 October 20
Odaesan National Park October 4 October 19
Jirisan National Park (Nogodan Peak) October 12 October 25
Chiaksan National Park October 14 October 27
Woraksan National Park October 17 October 28
Bukhansan National Park (Dobong) October 19 October 30
Palgongsan Natural Park (Gatbawi District) October 20 October 30
Hallasan National Park October 20 November 3
Gyeryongsan National Park October 21 October 31
Naejangsan National Park October 22 November 9
Mudeungsan National Park October 24 November 7

* Dates are subject to change depending on the weather conditions.

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Photo and information courtesy of Kweather Co., Ltd.