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[Korea] Jun Ji-hyun becomes an honorary ambassador of KTO

  • Date08/14/2014
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Actress Jun Ji-hyun, best known for her starring role as Cheon Song-yi in the K-Drama “My Love From the Star,” was appointed as a Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Honorary Ambassador on August 13, 2014.

Foods like chimaek (chicken and maekju (beer)), fashion and beauty items and other things she enjoyed or used in the drama have been receiving a lot of attention from viewers, helping to boost Korea’s popularity. In addition, tourist attractions like Petite France, Jangsado Sea Park, Samcheong Park and the Korean Folk Village, which were all featured in the drama, became more popular thanks to the overseas fans of the show. As a result, KTO decided to designate Jun Ji-hyun as their Honorary Ambassador.

At the ceremony, she expressed thanks and future steps in promoting Korea more in upcoming dramas and movies.

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Courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization