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[Korea] R16 Korea 2014 was a Success!

  • Date07/09/2014
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Organized by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), this year’s R16 Korea World B-Boy Masters Championship (R16 Korea) was another success. The event was held at Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul on July 4 and 5, 2014.

This year’s R16 Korea was highly anticipated thanks to special guests like Kenny Muhammad and the Electric Boogaloos. In addition, Jay Park (Park Jae-bum), a beloved Korean k-pop musician and b-boy dancer, paid a visit with a hip-hop concert. Other international guests like Gray, Nomad G, Prepix, Roxy and Wing were there to encourage the contestants. Helping judge were other famous attendees like Poppin Pete, a member of the Electric Boogaloos who choreographed music videos for Michael Jackson, Mr. Wiggles, Benji and Storm.

As for the results of the championship, Issei (Japan) won the solo b-boy crown, the popping solo champion was Kid Bookie (U.S.A.), the locking solo champion was Cio (Japan), and the Gamblerz Crew (Korea) beat out the Predatorz (Russia) for the b-boy crew championship.

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Courtesy of the Korea Tourism Organization