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[Korea] Korea’s rainy season has begun

  • Date06/18/2014
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The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) made an official announcement that the 2014 Korean rainy season, jangma, has begun. The seasonal rain front has been moving steadily towards Korea and hit the southern coast of Jeju Island on June 17, 2014, 2-3 days earlier than the yearly average and 1 day earlier than last year. The rain also hit the southern mainland regions on the same day, and will continue northward along the peninsula.

During jangma, frequent showers with accompanying thunder and lightning are to occur. Forecasting rainy days during the jangma period is difficult as it rains intermittently and about half of all days during the jangma period are rain-free. Visitors planning to visit Korea during the rainy season are advised to check the weather forecast frequently, especially because regional precipitation varies.

○ Weather forecast from late June to mid July

Late June Temperature is expected to be similar to other years (20-24)
but the amount of precipitation is expected to be lower
than the yearly average (approx. 60
Early July Frequent showers are expected.
Both temperature (22-25) and rainfall will be higher than
the average (approx.
Mid July Hot and humid weather is expected to continue.
Temperature is also expected to be higher than the yearly
(23-25), but a similar amount of precipitation
75) is expected.


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Courtesy of the Korea Meteorological Administration