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[Korea] The new ITX-Saemaeul trains to replace Saemaeul-ho

  • Date05/14/2014
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Photo credit: Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail)

Developed and manufactured using Korean technology, the new ITX (intercity train express)-Saemaeul trains will be gradually replacing the 40-year-old Saemaeul-ho class of trains starting May 12, 2014.

Saemaeul-ho trains are currently making 50 trips a day to different parts of the nation. Among them, 30 major routes running on the Gyeongbu Line (Seoul-Busan), the Honam Line (Seoul-Daejeon-Mokpo), and the Jeolla Line (Jeollanam-do and Jeollabuk-do areas) are scheduled to be replaced by the new ITX-Saemaeul trains by July 2014.

The new ITX-Saemaeul trains offer more passenger comfort due to the increased stability and reduced noise. Wheelchair seats, nursing rooms, lockers and other passenger amenities are also available.

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Courtesy of Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail)