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[Korea] KTO receives 2 Mercury Excellence Awards and 3 Astrid Awards

  • Date04/17/2014
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Photo credit: Korea Tourism Organization

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) was recently honored with two Mercury Excellence Awards and three Astrid Awards.

The Mercury Excellence Awards, founded to promote excellence, quality and performance in various fields of public relations, honored the KTO with the Grand Award in the “Apps” category for the Korea (Illustrated Booklet) mobile application. Meanwhile, the booklet Keywords to Korea received the Honors accolade in the “Custom Publications - General Audience” category.

The KTO also received three recognitions from the Astrid Awards, an international competition honoring outstanding achievement in design communications. Silver awards were given to View & Story of Korea photo booklet in the “Books” category and 2014 Calendar: Vibrant Scenes from Korea in the “Calendar” category. The product launch of Bokjumeoni: Lucky pouch earned an Honors award in the “Promotion” category.

KTO’s mobile apps and e-books can be found on KTO's website at

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<KTO Receives International Excellency Awards>

Korea (E-version of 'Illustrated Booklet'): An interactive book-application introducing
    the beauty and charm of Korea with colorful pictures, links to music videos, clips, etc.
    Available for iPhone, iPad (App Store) and Android (Google Play Store) devices.
Keywords to Korea: General information booklet. (English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian,
    French, German)
View & Story of Korea: 2 booklets containing a photo and postcard collection. Sold at
    major on/off-line bookstores (Set: 42,000 won, Photo book: 16,000 won/each,
    Postcard booklet: 10,000 won).
Vibrant Scenes from Korea: 2014 Calendar (English, Chinese, Japanese)
☞ Bokjumeoni: Promotional bookmarks for KTO-created applications.
☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

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Courtesy of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)