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[Korea] [Photo News] Weeping cherry trees at Seoul National Cemetery in full bloom

  • Date04/07/2014
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Seoul National Cemetery is one of the must-visit places this spring if you want to see cherry blossoms. The cemetery is now fully decorated with blossoms from the weeping cherry trees in the area. These trees are spectacular in spring, with their long swaying tendrils full of pink blossoms offering a beautiful background for photos.

The branches are densely lined with delicate pink blossoms that brighten the whole landscape. Visitors can admire the simple beauty while basking in the tranquility of the cemetery. Near Chungmujung Pavilion, there are many weeping cherry trees standing closely together, making it an ideal spot for photos.

Weeping cherry trees at Seoul National Cemetery

Elegant white magnolia trees and bright yellow forsythias add more color for a truly spring atmosphere.

White cherry blossoms are easily noticeable in between evergreen pine trees.

The long, slender branches sway gracefully with the cool spring breeze.

The Holy Ground, Memorial Tower and the Memorial Gate at Seoul National Cemetery

Seoul National Cemetery will hold the 2014 Seoul National Cemetery Event with Weeping Cherry Blossoms (April 5 to 11) for its visitors this spring. More information can be found at Seoul National Cemetery's official website (Korean, English). The cemetery will be open from 9:00 to 21:00 during the event period.

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