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[Korea] 2014 Expected Blooming Dates of Spring Flowers

  • Date03/04/2014
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In Korea, the forsythias and azaleas serve as cheerful harbingers of spring. This year, they are expected to bloom a day later compared to 2013, which is also one to three days earlier than average.

Forsythia blossoms are expected to start blooming in Seogwipo on Jeju Island around March 15 to 25, and in the central regions around March 25 to 31. In northern Gyeonggi-do as well as the northern and mountain areas of Gangwon-do, forsythias are expected to appear after April 1.

Azalea blossoms are expected in Seogwipo around March 15, in the southern provinces around March 17 to 29, and in the central regions around March 26 to April 3. Gyeonggi-do and the northern and mountain areas in Gangwon-do can expect azalea blossoms to appear after April 2.

Usually, azalea and forsythia blossoms take an average of seven days to peak. Subsequently, the predicted peak dates for these flowers will be after March 21 on Jeju Island, after March 22 in the southern provinces, and after April 1 in the central region. In Seoul, spring flowers are expected to peak around April 2 to 3.

▲Forsythia and Azalea Forecasts by Region

Region Estimated Blooming Dates For Forsythia Estimated Blooming Dates For Azalea
Seogwipo 14-Mar 15-Mar
Busan 15-Mar 17-Mar
Tongyeong 17-Mar 18-Mar
Daegu 19-Mar 25-Mar
Gwangju 20-Mar 26-Mar
Yeosu 20-Mar 21-Mar
Jeonju 24-Mar 29-Mar
Pohang 24-Mar 28-Mar
Daejeon 25-Mar 27-Mar
Cheongju 25-Mar 31-Mar
Seoul 25-Mar 26-Mar
Gangneung 30-Mar 02-Apr
Incheon 31-Mar 03-Apr
Chuncheon 01-Apr 04-Apr

※ Dates may change (2-3 days variation) depending on the weather.

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