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[Korea] Explore Suwon Hwaseong Fortress via Bicycle

  • Date02/21/2014
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Photo credit: Suwon-si

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and Hwaseong Haenggung Palace will open their gates to visiting cycling enthusiasts starting in March 2014 to give visitors a closer look at the beautiful historical sites. Rental shops will also be available in designated areas for the convenience of visitors.

Cyclists can leisurely explore Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, Banghwasuryujeong Pavilion and Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae), which are all part of the Hwaseong Haenggung area. Any visitors interested in renting a bicycle can arrive at the site worry-free. Rental shops are located at the following sites: Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) Archery Center, Hwaseomun Gate Entrance and Janganmun Gate Information Desk. A total of 60 bikes are available for rent at Hwaseong Haenggung Palace plaza, and 25 at each of the other locations.

The bike rental shops will be open from March through November 2014, and will be closed on Mondays. Those who wish to rent bikes must fill out an application and provide a valid form of identification (passport or alien registration card for international visitors) during rental shop hours, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. After finishing the application process, visitors will be ready for an exciting tour around a UNESCO World Heritage site!

The rental fee for the day is just 1,000 Won with valid identification.

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☞ Rental shop location and number of bikes

Rental shop Number of available bicycles
Hwaseong Haenggung Palace 60 lots
Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae) Archery Center 25 lots
Hwaseomun Gate Entrance 25 lots
Janganmun Gate Information Desk 25 lots

※ Bicycles are rented out on a first come, first served basis, and rentals may become unavailable without prior notice.
※ Children younger than elementary school age can rental bicycles only if accompanied by a parent.
☞ Rental Fee: 1,000Won
※ Does not include admission fees to tourist sites
☞ Items to bring: Valid form of ID (Passport or Alien Registration Card for international visitors)
☞ Period: March – November, 2014 (Closed for Monday)
☞ Operation hours: 09:00 – 18:00
☞ Inquires: Suwon City Hall +82-1899-3300 (Korean)
☞ Homepages: Suwon City Hall (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Suwon Cultural Foundation (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Courtesy of Suwon-si