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[Korea] Sinchon’s Yeonse-ro is now a “Transit Mall”

  • Date02/20/2014
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Photo credit: Seoul City Hall

Yeonse-ro (Yonsei University Street) in Sinchon is now free from fast and furious drivers and has become a safer place for everyone to walk around. Though through-traffic is not permitted, public transport is still allowed on the road. Yeonse-ro has long been a well-known area with heavy foot traffic and is sure to become more popular thanks to the renovation work that finished on January 6, 2014.

Prior to the renovation, the sidewalks were not as wide and had a few bumps and cracks. However, the road is now smoother, and barriers that previously made it inconvenient for those walking in the area have been removed.

Also, people can now take public transportation from Sinchon Station (Green Line 2) towards the main gate of Yonsei University without having to worry about traffic. Although the number of car lanes decreased from 4 to 2, the bus schedule is operating more efficiently as there is less traffic.

There are only 14 buses that can operate in this zone: 11 intercity buses and 3 village shuttle buses. The only other vehicles allowed to drive on this road are vans with 16 or more passengers, emergency vehicles and bicycles and all must be under the speed limit of 30 km/h. Also, from midnight to 4 a.m., taxis are allowed on the road.

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Courtesy of Seoul City Hall