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[Korea] Special Jeongwol Daeboreum Event at the Korean Folk Village

  • Date02/10/2014
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Photo courtesy: Korean Folk Village

Jeongwol Daeboreum (15th day of lunar calendar) refers to the first full moon of the lunar year. It is a significant day in Korea accompanied by many traditions to dispel misfortune and to wish for good luck. To celebrate this occasion, the Korean Folk Village is holding the 2014 Jeongwol Daeboreum Event of Korean Folk Village from February 8 to 16, 2014.

Visitors can take part in some Jeongwol Daeboreum customs such as cracking bureom nuts (believed to keep one’s teeth healthy throughout the year) and eating ogokbap (five-grain rice consisting of rice, millet, Indian millet, beans, and red beans; eaten to wish for a bountiful year). Following the popular jisin bapgi ritual (a ritual offered to the spirit of the earth), there will be some liquor and rice cake sharing. Visitors can also witness a wedding ceremony for jangseung totem poles—a rare event only available at the Korean Folk Village—and participate in various traditional cultural activities unique to Korea.

This special event can be enjoyed for free by all Korean Folk Village admission ticket holders. For more information, please visit the Korean Folk Village website.

More info

2014 Jeongwol Daeboreum Event of Korean Folk Village

☞ Venue: Korean Folk Village, Performance hall in the village
☞ Period: February 8-16, 2014
☞ Admission: Adults 15,000 won / Teens 12,000 won / Children 10,000 won
☞ Event schedule

Event name Dates Time Venue
Bukcheong Saja Noreum
(Lion mask play of Bukcheong)
February 16 13:00 Performance Hall
Tug-of-war February 8-9 13:00 Provincial Governor’s Office
Face-painting February 8-9 /
February 15-16
11:00~17:00 Main Gate                    
Souvenir photo with masked dolls February 8-9 /
February 15-16
11:00~17:00 Main Gate
Jisin bapgi
(treading on the spirit of earth) and gilnori (street parade)
February 8-9 /
February 14-16
13:40 Folk Village House no. 12
Erecting a byeogaritdae
(harvest pole)
February 8 /
 February 15
13:20 Folk Village House no. 19 (8th)
Folk Village House no. 5 (15th)
Jangseungje ritual February 15 15:30 Sammun
Daljip burning February 16 15:30 Large field next to the Provincial Governor’s Office
Sharing of food February 14-16 15:00 Folk Village House no. 9
Drinking gwibalgisul and cracking bureom nuts February 8-9 /
February 14-16
15:00 Folk Village House no. 9
Amulet printing
(1,000 won)
February 8-9 /
February 14-16
13:00~17:00 Folk Village House no. 9
Kite making
(8,000 won -10,000 won)
February 8-16 13:00~16:00 Folk Village House no. 33

※ The above schedules are subject to change

※ Jisin bapgi: A folk game where traditional Korean instruments are played to wish for the peace and prosperity of the village and the families.
※ Erecting a byeogaritdae: A long pole wrapped in straw for hanging a cloth bag containing different kinds of grains. This is a symbolic object wishing for good harvest.
※ Jangseungje ritual: The ritual is based on the belief that organizing a wedding for the village entrance totem poles will help bring good luck and ward off bad spirits.
※ Daljip burning: A paper with the person’s written wish is placed on a branch and burned for luck.
※ Gwibalgisul: An alcoholic beverage consumed before breakfast to wish for improved hearing.
※ Amulet: A paper with words or symbols written in red to dispel misfortune
※ Kite: made of a bamboo frame covered with paper and flown in the wind.
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Courtesy of Korean Folk Village