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[Korea] Help the Seoul Gov’t Revise Signboards

  • Date12/12/2013
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•Poster Credit: Seoul Metropolitan Government

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding a campaign called “Let’s Correct Incorrectly Written Signboards” from December 11, 2013 to January 28, 2014.

With the purpose of revising signboards that could cause confusion or misdirect people, the campaign is calling for enthusiastic participation from a wide range of individuals, from Seoul citizens and foreign residents in Seoul to even international tourists. Experts will collect the reported information on the signboards, and signboards will later be replaced.

Participants can report incorrectly written signboards through Individuals that report the most cases will be eligible to receive gift certificates that will be given in a lottery system.

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<Let’s Correct Incorrectly Written Signboards>

Period: December 11, 2013 – January, 28, 2014
Participate in the campaign now
Seoul Metropolitan Government: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
120 Dasan Call Center: +82-2-120 -> 9 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese)
1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
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Reporting Tip.
Did you find an incorrectly written signboard? Try entering it into, operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, prior to reporting. This website was designed to verify whether signboards have been written correctly.

Courtesy of Seoul Metropolitan Government