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[Korea] The 2013 Share the Love with Kimchi Festival

  • Date11/15/2013
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The Share the Love with Kimchi Festival was held at Seoul Square on November 13.

Hosted by the Korea Yakurt Corporation, approximately 3,000 volunteers gathered for gimjang (the process of making kimchi for the winter).

Everyone came together on the crisp Novemeber afternoon to work hard making kimchi.

These khaki clad ladies made some delicious looking kimchi!

This event attempted to set a Guinness World Record for the most amount of people making kimchi in one place at the same time.

Live music, magic shows and a lively MC helped keep the volunteers’ spirits high.

Kimchi made at the festival will be delivered to about 25 thousand people in need.

The heart shaped table set-up helps symbolize the community this event fosters as everyone works together to share the kimchi made here with the less-fortunate through gimjang, a traditional Korean event.