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[Korea] 2013 Fall Foliage Forecast for Major Mountains

  • Date09/16/2013
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▲People hiking Seoraksan Mountain covered by colorful autumn leaves

The Korea Meteorological Administration announced that this year’s fall foliage might arrive one to two days later compared to the past years (1982~2010).

The arrival of autumn and the timing of peak foliage are gradually getting pushed back every year as a consequence of warmer fall temperatures due to global warming. Seoraksan Mountain will have its first fall foliage beginning September 30, 2013. Jirisan Mountain and the central region are expecting fall colors to occur around October 4 to 16, while the southern region can expect leaves to change color around October 14 to 31.

Fall foliage usually peaks two weeks after they start to appear. Therefore, Jirisan Mountain and the central region can expect peak foliage towards the end of October, while peak foliage in the southern region is expected during early November.

The first fall foliage can be observed when 20% of the mountain is covered with autumn leaves starting from the top. At 80%, this is called its peak foliage.

▲ 2013 Fall Foliage Forecast for Korea’s Major Mountains

Mountain First fall foliage Peak foliage
Seoraksan National Park (NaeSeorak) Sept. 30 Oct. 18
Odaesan National Park Oct. 4 Oct. 20
Bukhansan National Park Oct. 16 Oct. 27
Chiaksan National Park Oct. 9 Oct. 25
Woraksan National Park Oct. 15 Oct. 27
Songnisan National Park Oct. 16 Oct. 27
Gyeryongsan National Park Oct. 16 Oct. 27
Palgonsan Natural Park Oct. 19 Oct. 29
Gayasan National Park Oct. 15 Nov. 1
Naejangsan National Park Oct. 21 Nov. 6
Jirisan National Park Oct. 11 Oct. 24
Mudeungsan National Park Oct. 22 Nov. 6
Duryunsan Provincial Park Oct. 31 Nov. 10
Hallasan National Park Oct. 14 Oct. 27
※ Subject to change depending on the weather

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