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[Korea] Brand new Visit Korea App has been released

  • Date09/06/2013
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A new update for the Visit Korea app, Korea's leading travel app, has been released. The brand new app includes a new look and an enhanced navigation to make it easier for travelers to find the information they need.

Equipped with more content and improved interfaces, the app will serve as a smart tour guide while on the go, featuring new functions such as discount coupons, routing services and more, in addition to plenty of travel information found on the previous versions. Among the many new highlights, the mobile coupons for shopping, dining and performances are expected to draw much attention as it removes the need to print paper copies while still offering the same benefits simply by showing the coupons on mobile phone or electronic device screens. The app will also aid in planning trips for individual travelers by displaying the latest Travel Highlights and news articles updated daily

Furthermore, a 'Travel Planner' function was newly introduced, adding another user-friendly function enabling customized itinerary planning. Recommended itineraries as well as popular itineraries made by other travelers give users a space for idea sharing.

The new features and refreshed look of the app gives travelers increased convenience, flexibility and control. Users can expect more enhancements in the future as the Visit Korea app continues to deliver more powerful mobile tools for travelers.

The Visit Korea app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or from Google Play through the QR code and link below.

Brand new Visit Korea App has been released
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