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[VisitKorea] VisitKorea Website & SNS User Questionnaire Winners

  • Date08/22/2013
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VisitKorea Website & SNS User Questionnaire Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 'VisitKorea Website & SNS User Questionnaire' event!

Korea Tourism Organization would like to thank everyone for participating in the survey and for their continued support of the VisitKorea website.

Restaurant meal voucher for 2 (2 winners)
Paper model of a traditional building (5 winners)
mggi***, kare*, atm7**, lvyi*****, anit***
Leather key chain (10 winners)
Jay3*****, a227**, yuka********, hmil***, noi*, osim*****, meda**, aznl**, seou******, lenc****

※ To protect personal information, the last character of each ID was replaced with *.
(The winners will be notified personally.)

Claiming Prizes:
To claim your prize, please email your ID, full name, current mailing address and contact information (i.e. phone number) to by September 6, 2013.

* Failure to send the prize-claim email by the assigned deadline will result in an automatic disqualification and forfeiture of the prize.
* Please make sure that your information is accurate. Incorrect information may cause a failure in the prize receiving process.
* Prize winners are responsible for any fees that your country might levy on contest winnings.
* Please update your personal information for the prize drawing and receiving process.