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[Korea] Photo Contest Campaign, “Snapshot Korea” hosted by KTO and VANK

  • Date08/21/2013
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Photo Credit: VANK facebook

Public diplomacy group VANK* and the Korea Tourism Organization are collaborating to bring you the “Snapshot Korea” photo contest. The campaign started on August 6 and will run until September 30, 2013.

Joining the contest is easy. Simply look at your surroundings, snap a picture of a scene or situation that captures a Korean aspect and enter it in the competition. For instance, it could be a photo of your hard-working Korean friend, or a photo of your favorite Korean drama. These are some common situations that will give you an idea.

Contest Details
☞Eligibility: Non-Korean citizens (residency does not matter)
☞Submission period: August 6, 2013 – September 30, 2013
☞Contest requirement: A snapshot of a scene or situation that captures a Korean aspect or the influence of Korean culture on your everyday life or surroundings.
Eg.) - A close Korean neighbor or friend
- Globalization of Korean (pictures of people studying Korean)
-Yourself watching a Korean drama in your room

How to submit an entry
1) Snap your picture
2) Write a short caption of in English (max. 250 characters including spaces)
3) Post the photo with the caption and your email address to the “Photo Contest: Snapshot Korea” Facebook Page (If you are not a Facebook user, you may email your entry to

Judging Criteria

Criteria Points
Originality of picture and caption 30
Depth and sincerity 30
Fulfillment of requirements 20
Participation on Facebook page 20
Announcement of winners
☞Date: October 10, 2013
100 winners will be selected and given the title of Honorary Korea Ambassadors by VANK and the Korean Tourism Organization. Contest winners will receive an official certificate of recognition and a bundle gift pack filled with souvenirs related to Korean culture, history, and famous locations.

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VANK, an acronym of Voluntary Agency Network of Korea, is an organization that serves as a cyber tourism resource that sends information via email to foreigners, overseas Koreans, and Korean adoptees who want to know more about Korea. VANK members are cyber diplomats who share friendship with the global community and introduce Korea to people all around the world.

Courtesy of Snapshot Korea