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[Korea] Seoul City to hold 2013 Seoul Open Night

  • Date08/16/2013
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The city of Seoul will be hosting the 2013 Seoul Open Night from August 30 to 31, 2013, turning the city into a festival ground for people to fully enjoy lively and romance-filled nights in Seoul.

Following last year’s success, the 2013 Seoul Open Night will once again feature the “MT Seoul at Seoul Plaza” event. On the night of August 31 (Sat), Seoul Plaza will turn into a tent city. Participants can spend a memorable summer night against the backdrop of colorful skyscrapers while camping with their loved ones, friends or family. Street performers and various cultural activities are sure to keep everyone entertained through the night. Set-up a tent or just sleep on the grass, either way you will have a memorable experience with your loved ones. For safety reasons, cooking over fire is prohibited.

Advanced reservations are required. Apply at the website ( by August 16. A total of 200 groups will be selected. Applications and more information about “MT Seoul” and other programs such as “Citizen’s Concert” are available on the Seoul Open Night homepage ( and on their Facebook page.