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[Korea] K-Cook Delight - Share the Korean Taste Buds in You

  • Date08/07/2013
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Photo Credit: Inspired Steps

K-Cook Delight is a campaign organized by Inspired Steps (, and sponsored by the Korean Food Foundation ( that aspires to spread global awareness of Korean culture through its cuisine.

People of diverse nationalities and ethnicities are encouraged to apply to participate in the event. Among these applicants, 30 individuals will be selected (10 professional chefs, 20 foreign residents) to participate in cooking classes that will take place every Saturday over a three-week period. During this time, they will learn how to cook some of Korea’s most well-known foods: pajeon (savory Korean pancake), bibimbap (mixed vegetables, beef and rice), and japchae (cellophane noodles stir-fried with vegetables). As they prepare each dish, participants will integrate the ingredients, flavors, and culinary traditions of their native countries, ultimately producing a creative new Korean dish on the first week of September. Afterwards, they will film themselves explaining their creation in their native language, place their dish on exhibit at the “Day-Restaurant” event, and participate in an International Exchange Party.

As a campaign started in Seoul, South Korea, K-Cook Delight hopes to spread beyond Asia, and become a worldwide event. In addition to being part of a campaign that is entertaining and creative, participants will also be at the forefront of a campaign aimed at expanding awareness beyond food, to include multiculturalism.

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Applicant Eligibility
• Any and all foreigners residing in Korea

How to Apply
Application Period: July 29, 2013~August 10, 2013
Application Method: Fill out an application at the Inspired Steps K-Cook Delight webpage ( or download the form at the KFF homepage ( and send it to

Program Details
• Thirty individuals will be selected among the applicants (10 professional chefs, 20 local foreigners)
• Participate in three Korean food cooking classes that span over three weeks
• Develop and present a creative Korean food recipe that takes into consideration the ingredients, taste and ideas of the participant’s native country
• Film selected participants conducting a cooking classes on their creative Korean food recipes
• Introduce the participant’s creative Korean food dish at Day-Restaurant event and International Exchange Party

Program Schedule
• Cooking classes: August 17,24, and 31, 2013
• Cooking Day: September 7, 2013
• Day-Restaurant & International Exchange Party: September 28, 2013

Evaluation & Announcement of Participants
• August 10-16, 2013 through individual contact

Contact Information
• Tel : 02-720-2090 / Fax : 02-720-2091
• Website : /

Courtesy of Inspired Steps