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[Korea] Hamyang Wild Ginseng Festival 2013 kicks off August 1

  • Date07/26/2013
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The Hamyang Wild Ginseng Festival 2013, one of the most representative local festivals in Hamyang, will take place at Sangnim Park from August 1 to 5, 2013.

Hamyang is historically known for having an abundance of wild ginseng. It is said that there were ginseng diggers called “simmani” in Hamyang and all over the nation who dug up ginseng in this region. This ginseng festival is a health-themed event that celebrates and promotes Hamyang Ginseng, the area’s locally cultivated ginseng known for its superior quality compared to ginseng from other regions. The festival’s offerings include a wild ginseng market, wild ginseng digging, wild ginseng pot making, and wild ginseng liquor making.

The heat and humidity of summer can take toll on one’s body. The Hamyang Wild Ginseng Festival 2013 will be a great opportunity to learn about the medicinal properties of ginseng and the restorative and energizing benefits it provides to the body.

Wild ginseng & Wild ginseng festival
Wild ginseng (sansam) refers to ginseng that grows naturally and harvested wherever it is found to be growing. The ginseng festival uses wood-cultivated ginseng (sanyangsam) for demonstration at the festival. Sanyangsam has the same efficacy and quality as naturally-grown wild ginseng.

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Venue: Sangnim Park in Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
Period: August 1 – 5, 2013 (10:00–22:00) *Hands-on activities end at 18:00
Admission: Free
Fees for major programs
    - Wild ginseng digging: 20,000 won per person *On-site registration
    - Wild ginseng flowerpot making: 1,000 won for each
    Hamyang Wild Ginseng Festival (Korean)
    Hamyang-Gun (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Inquiries: +82-55-960-5174 (Korean)
1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
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Courtesy of Hamyang-gun