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[Korea] Central Inland Region Train Exceeds 100,000 passengers

  • Date07/24/2013
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The Central Inland Region Trains officially began operating in April, and have since attracted over 100,000 customers over the three-month period.

There are two kinds of trains: the O-train and V-train. They both offer passengers the opportunity to take in scenic views of Chungcheongbuk-do, Gangwon-do and the mountainous regions of Gyeongsangbuk-do. Departing from Seoul, the O-train runs on a 257.2km-long track, and passes through Jecheon (Chungcheongbuk-do), Taebaek (Gangwon-do), and Yeongju (Gyeongsangbuk-do), operating four times per day. The V-train runs on a route stretching 27.7km, traveling through Buncheon (Gyeongsangbuk-do) and Cheoram (Gangwon-do) and operates three times a day.

These trains both have observation cars for a full view of the passing scenery, and a train café selling lunch boxes, snacks and drinks for the convenience of passengers.

The O-train and V-train operate on different schedules with different pricing options, which are also subject to change, so passengers are advised to visit the Korail website or call prior to making reservations.

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The Central Inland Region Trains

Train Course Departure Time Arrival Time
O-train Seoul Station – Jecheon (09:55) – Taebaek – Yeongju - Jecheon 07:45 14:49
Suwon Station – Jecheon (10:00) – Yeongju – Taebaek – Jecheon 07:40 14:46
Jecheon Station – Yeongju – Taebaek – Jecheon – Osong – Cheonan – Suwon Station 15:00 22:14
Jecheon Station – Yeongju – Taebaek – Jechoen – Cheongnyangni – Seoul Station 15:03 22:05
V-train Buncheon – Cheoram 10:05/ 14:00/ 17:10 11:02/ 14:55/ 18:05

※Subject to change

☞Fees ※distance fare policy will be applied
- O-train: 45,300 won (Seoul – Jechoen-Jecheon circulation)/ 50,400 won (Suwon – Jechoen – Jechon circulation)/ 27,700 won (Jechoen-Jecheon circulation)
- V-train: 8,400 won (Buncheon – Cheoram)

- Pass *possible to use every train

Age 1 day pass 2 day pass 3 day pass 5day pass 7day pass
Adults 54,700 won 66,100 won 77,500 won 100,300 won 123,100 won
Teens & Elders
*age 13 to 25
*age above 55
38,300 won 46,300 won 54,200 won 70,200 won 86,200 won
Kids 27,300 won 33,000 won 38,700 won 50,100 won 61,500 won

☞Reservation: Online reservation or reservation on-site
☞Homepage: (Korean, English)
☞Inquiries: Train Customer Service Center +82-1599-7777/ +82-1588-7788 (Korean, English)
☞1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

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Courtesy of Korea Railroad