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[Korea] Muan White Lotus Festival 2013 to start July 24

  • Date07/15/2013
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The Muan White Lotus Festival 2013, one of Muan-gun’s leading festivals, will take place from July 24 to 28. The festival will be held at area around Hoesan White Lotus Pond in Muan, the largest white lotus habitat in Asia.

This year’s festival has organized a number of programs including an exhibit of lotus flowers from around the world, lotus candle making, a walk along the lotus lantern path, a boat exploration of the lotus path, a percussion performance, a lotus cooking competition, and a fusion Korean traditional music concert. As the lotus flower is a well-known symbol in Buddhism, there will be several hands-on programs such as a barugongyang (formal monastic meal*) and tea ceremony.

The festival is free of charge and admission to the venue will be free during the festival period.

*Formal monastic meal – refers to general meals for Buddhist monks. These meals are eaten with distinct procedures and proper decorum.

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Venue: Hoesan White Lotus Pond in Muan, in Illo-eup, Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do
Period: July 24 – 28, 2013 (10:00 – 21:30)
Admission: Free *Fees may apply for some hands-on programs
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