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[Korea] Walking on Gyejoksan Mountain’s Red Clay Trail

  • Date07/10/2013
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#1. Gyejoksan Mountain, one of Dulle-gil Road’s routes in the city of Daejeon, has a special red clay trail for barefoot hiking.

#2. The 14-kilometer-long path’s gentle slope, lush greenery, and healing red clay make it perfect for a holistic hike.

#3. Walk on the Red Clay Trail with family members, a significant other, friends, or simply as an individual.

#4. A quaint, charming forest music concert takes place on the weekends, and the annual Gyejoksan Mountain Barefoot Festival takes place in May.

#5. In addition to washing your hands and feet in cool mountain spring water, there is a special opportunity to create a red clay imprint of your foot on a sheet of white paper. Walk down Gyejoksan Mountain’s red clay trail to experience a connection with the mountains, spring water, red clay soil, and fellow travelers.