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[Korea] KTO-Published Booklets Included in President Park’s Diplomatic Visits

  • Date07/04/2013
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▲Press kits used for the visit to USA & China (top row) ▲Pictures inside the booklets included in the press kit (bottom row)

South Korean President Park Geunhye recently visited the United States and China for diplomatic purposes. The presidential office (Cheong Wa Dae) put together a press kit promoting Korean culture for distribution to local press organizations and government agencies during the president’s state visits. The press kit includes a booklet introducing tourist attractions, food, and culture published by the Korea Tourism Organization, an outline of President Park’s policy visions and political philosophy, and a set of postcards featuring cultural sites in Korea. The booklet “Keywords to Korea” was used for the press kit during the US visit while the “KOREA” and “View & Story of KOREA” booklets were used for the China visit.

These booklets feature quality images to highlight Korea’s history, four seasons, food, cultural heritages and many more.

“Keywords to Korea” and “KOREA” can be accessed for free on the E-books section of KTO’s website (

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